The University of New Mexico (UNM) Repository is a free digital showcase that will appeal to the scholar and enthusiast alike. Administered by University Libraries, this repository serves as a permanent and ever-growing archive of untapped resources. It is maintained by the office of Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication, in the Zimmerman Library at the UNM campus. Go to: The following links are just a sample of the resources that may be of interest to our SMRC friends:

Colonial Latin American Historical Review – Spanish Colonial Research Center, UNM
La Crónica de Nuevo México – Historical Society of NM, historical articles
Native American Oral History Program Interviews – UNM faculty, students, CSWR collection
New Mexico Historical Review – UNM History Department
New Mexico Quarterly – UNM students and faculty writings, 1931-1968
Southwest Hispanic Research Institute – UNM, studies on NM history, culture, genealogy, etc.
New Mexico Roots, Ltd. – prenuptials 1687-1869, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, family history
Electronic Theses and Dissertations – UNM graduates
and more . . .