In March of 2021, the Patronato San Xavier began the second phase of work on the east tower of Mission San Xavier del Bac. The work on the east tower, which will take about a year, will involve the removal of most of the cement-based plaster on the exterior, which has caused damage including erosion in parts of the brick substrate, salt deposits at the interior surfaces, and detachment of interior plaster. The plan is to leave in place any well-adhered lime-based plaster and to repair as necessary the adobe brick substrate. The east tower will then get coats of a more compatible lime-sand plaster that will include the juice of cactus mucilage, which will improve the plaster’s workability and its ability to shed water. This type of traditional plaster will allow moisture to evaporate from the walls and roof at a similar rate to the underlying substrate. You can read more about this project at  Portions of funding for this project come from the Fund for Sacred Places, corporations, and foundations, while 70% is being funded by donations from individuals and families. Donations to support this final phase of work on the east tower can be made to the Conservation and Preservation Fund at