Bernard L. “Bunny” Fontana’s An Annotated Bibliography of the Tohono O’odham (Papago Indians), Revised Edition, compiled with the assistance of Michael U. Owens and Tumacácori National Historical Park’s Chief of Interpretation Anita Badertscher, is now hosted on Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s web page. This bibliography, which was first posted on the Tumacácori NHP website in 2005 and recently was accidentally lost from there, includes sources on Mission San Xavier del Bac as well as Spanish and Mexican-period histories of the “Pimería Alta” (the traditional Tohono O’odham homeland in southern Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora). Old Pueblo thanks Anita for recently adding sources that Bunny had provided to Tumacácori NHP in 2014 and for providing Tumacácori NHP’s permission to host the updated bibliography on Old Pueblo’s website. The revised edition also should be available again soon on the Tumacácori NHP website: