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photo of one of SMRC's Mission Tours at Tumacácori

More than 300 years ago…

a tireless Jesuit priest by the name of Eusebio Francisco Kino made countless forays on horseback throughout much of what is now the northern Mexican state of Sonora and Arizona. Father Kino brought with him ideas and material culture – chiefly the Christian faith, the Spanish language, cattle, and crops – that would change the region deeply and forever. Join us in retracing the steps of Kino and the missionaries who followed him. You’ll be guided by scholars and enthusiasts who know and love the region and volunteer their time to share it with others.

Along the way…

you’ll stand in awe before the evocative church ruins of Tumacácori and Átil, marvel at the mysteries of the spectral paintings on the church walls at Pitiquito, delight in the exuberance of Magdalena, take in the simple beauty of Oquitoa, and bask in the rosy glow on the setting sun as it reflects off the twin towers of Caborca’s mission. You’ll take a side trip into prehistory with a visit to the archaeological site of Trincheras and its new museum. You’ll lunch al fresco near the river at Tubutama, and in the shade of quince trees watered by the centuries-old acequia just across from San Ignacio’s church. And at day’s end, you’ll savor dinner and margaritas on the patio of our host motel.

Best of all, you’ll have many opportunities to meet the open and friendly people of Sonora—whose traditions, language, and ethnicity combine the region’s Native and Spanish cultures, representing the best of both worlds.

October 16-18, 2018 and November 2-4, 2018

$575 per person includes transportation, lodging (double occupancy), and meals






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The Southwestern Mission Research Center Presents

Missions of the River Tour

Join us for a tour of the two Spanish colonial missions of Socorro and Ysleta (in Texas), established by the Spanish settlers and Natives who fled Northern New Mexico in 1680 during the Pueblo Revolt. We will also visit a rare presidio chapel and the village of San Elizario, as well as the old adobe town of Mesilla, New Mexico. This tour will include visits to museums and the Chile Pepper Institute. Enjoy sopaipillas, New Mexico red and green chile, and some Texas BBQ, yum! A little shopping along the way too. Since we are staying in the U.S. you will not need your passport.                                                                                  

March 16-19, 2018

$695 per person, double occupancy (single–additional $100), for reservations contact  Monica Young at (520) 621-6278 or mzyoung@email.arizona.edu. SMRC’s website is  www.southwestmissions.org.

Artwork of missions by Jane Gray.

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