San Pedro y San Pablo del Tubutama

Tubutama was the very heart of mission activities in the Pimería Alta.

Established in 1691, it was the headquarters of religious administration for much of the Jesuit and Franciscan periods. Jesuit Fr. Sedelmayer was stationed when the Pima Rebellion erupted in 1751. At the time he was the head of the Jesuit province of Pimería Alta.

Tubutama was also the place where the Jesuits gathered in 1767 for their arrest and eventual expulsion from New Spain.  It also was the place where Franciscan Friars Garcés and Font wrote their accounts of the Anza expedition to California.

Tubutama was the first settlement in the Pimería Alta that was laid out as a fortified town, with houses built into the ramparts and their doors opening onto the plaza to deter Indian attacks.  An image of Our Lady of Aránzazu reflects the strong Basque influence in the region.

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